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Covid 19 - How the virus spreads

This incredibly interesting and useful video explains how Covid 19 spreads and the importance of all the measures that are now being put in place by our Government.


You must stay at home!

A very simple, yet vitally important message from the Prime Minister. Please listen, stay at home if you can to save lives!

Be vigilant for potential scammers

Unfortunately we have heard instances of people taking advantage of residents during this pandemic. Please be vigilant and be aware of potential scammers.



Stay Home and Save Lives!

Our MP Flick Drummond says, "We must now stay at home to keep us all safe and well. You are only allowed to go out for a food shop if necessary, to take one walk or run, and no gathering of more than 2 people outside your family.

List of people helping in the Meon Valley - Covid 19

Flcik Drummond MP reports, "Over the last week my staff and I have been ringing Parish Councils and district councillors to put a useful list together of organisations that are helping their neighbours.

Stay at Home - Save Lives! Covid19

Dear Constituent,


Coronavirus – change your behaviour now!

Unless the UK as a whole starts effective social distancing, people will die and much more draconian isolation measures will be imposed by the government.

Covid 19 - Guidance

MP Flick Drummond says, "If you are not sure whether you have Covid-19 here is a graphic with the main symptoms on it. You might have several of these or only one. Please start self distancing in any case to stop the virus from spreading."

Latest advice regarding Coronavirus

If you are worried about what to do about coronavirus, this is the link to the Government website where you will get all the latest updates. Please share it with any group or organisation that it might help. Thank you.

Flick Drummond wins by impressive majority in Meon Valley!

We are delighted that Flick was successful yesterday winning her seat with an impressive majority of 23,555!! We know that Flick will be an excellent representative for the Meon Valley constituency. Well done Flick.