Flick Out and About again in Meon Valley

Flick has been out and about again this week in Meon Valley visiting, Waterlooville, Horndean and Shedfield.

Flick said, "On Monday Cllr David Evans, Cllr Chris Hatter and I popped into Horndean to check that all local businesses had received grants and support during the coronavirus crisis. Everyone has been helped and received their grants quickly which was good to hear. Now we need to support local business like Nico’s who would like to see more customers returning. We also looked at the memorial to two Australian pilots and discussed plans to improve the surrounding area. Later, I met with local residents to talk about the proposed development east of Horndean.

"On Tuesday I visited Jubilee Park in Waterlooville. Public tennis courts in parks are a great way to get fit but the ones in Jubilee Park need some resurfacing so it was good to talk to the LTA, Cllr Gwen Robinson, Cllr Mike Sceal and Havant Council officers today about what we can do to make it more attractive for local residents. We also inspected the playground. Jubilee Park is a great resource in the community for many activities."