Hampshire Conservatives Save Popular Services

Hampshire County Council’s majority Conservative group meeting in Winchester on Friday gave its firm backing to the County cabinet proposals to save all Hampshire's household waste recycling centres as well as community transport schemes and school crossing patrols

Reductions in those services had been under review but the Cabinet members had asked back in October for those proposals in particular to be reconsidered.  The report saving those services which now has the support of the whole Conservative Group is almost certain to go through at Thursday’s full Council meeting on 22nd February 2018.

Conservative Leader of Hampshire Roy Perry said

“Whilst we had to look at all ways of balancing the huge £750 million budget and save £140 million by 2020 we were determined all along to save these services. The pressures arising from our care budgets were eased by the extra 1% council tax increase Government authorised us to make for social care and in the final adjustment of the local government settlement by the Government almost £3 million additional funding was allocated to Hampshire. This all helped.

We are still having to make economies elsewhere but our strategy is clear by helping people to lead independent lives for as long as possible we keep the lid on the enormous £300 million plus, social care budget. Our strategy is paying off.

Fortunately Hampshire Conservatives have ignored the call year by year from Liberal Democrats to draw down our reserves and keep on spending. We are consequently in a much stronger position than neighbouring councils and counties like Northamptonshire that has had to go so far as to sell its offices to break even”

Hampshire is likely to still have one of the lowest council tax levels of any county and as a result of council tax being frozen for 5 years from 2010 it will be lower in real terms than it was in 2010 when measured against inflation. £100 less.