Horndean Downs By-Election


The right choice for Downs ward in Horndean.

·         Experienced in speaking up for the area

·         A proven record in dealing effectively with local issues

I am keen to introduce myself to you as the Conservative Party candidate for the Downs Ward District Council elections. My name is Guy Shepherd, and I have lived in Horndean for many years. In the last few years I have taken a very active part in local community issues, and served as Chairman of Planning and also Vice Chairman of Horndean Parish Council as well as Vice Chairman of HIND (Horndean In the Next Decade) where we are producing the Parish Plan which will be published later this year.

 As a local resident, I am particularly interested in local issues, which for many of us includes noise from the A3 and A3M, and have been in regular contact with the Highways Agency to keep this issue on the agenda. It affects me just as much, so I am well motivated to help address it!

 I work in Construction, and as such I am a pragmatist and used to an environment where effective solutions are found for problems. It is also an industry where we look for best value. I expect some of these skills will be of vital importance as I make the transition from Parish to District Council.

I will be available to listen to your individual problem and concerns and will make every effort to deal with them. I look forward to meeting you and gaining your support

Yours sincerely,

Guy Shepherd