List of people helping in the Meon Valley - Covid 19

Flcik Drummond MP reports, "Over the last week my staff and I have been ringing Parish Councils and district councillors to put a useful list together of organisations that are helping their neighbours. It is not totally complete but is a start, so let me know if you would like to be part of the local community activity in your area. It is a very worrying time for everyone so we are all going to have to work together to help each other. I am also keen that you only go through recognised groups as already there are tales (not in Meon Valley so far) of people giving cash to others for food, only they don’t return. Please ask well known groups for help if your friends are not able to help. You can see the list on my website

Email me if you have any further suggestions at

But most of all, keep social distancing, only go out when necessary and if you have any symptoms, stay inside and ask for help if you need it.