Stay Home and Save Lives!

Our MP Flick Drummond says, "We must now stay at home to keep us all safe and well. You are only allowed to go out for a food shop if necessary, to take one walk or run, and no gathering of more than 2 people outside your family.
This has been a very difficult decision to take but we need to stop many more people from dying. If we do this, we will come out of this pandemic crisis quicker and enable our NHS to function and save lives. The police will be enforcing this so please be sensible and think of other people. It is going to be very tough for many of us especially those on their own so keep ringing your neighbours and making sure they are ok."

Please email Flick if you need any help and we will try to respond quickly. Please also look at her website page where I have put the details of local organisations and groups in your neighbourhood who should be able to help. #stayhomesavelives