Stay at Home - Save Lives! Covid19

Dear Constituent,


Coronavirus – change your behaviour now!

Unless the UK as a whole starts effective social distancing, people will die and much more draconian isolation measures will be imposed by the government.

Practising effective social distancing means YOU MUST stay 6ft or two metres apart AT ALL TIMES when going about your ESSENTIAL business.

There are 1.5 million vulnerable people, with existing health conditions, who are really scared others are not taking this seriously. Think of them.
Essential travel does NOT means going to a second home or camping, biking or hiking surrounded by hundreds of others. Second home owners or holiday home owners will put rural services under immense pressure if they leave towns and cities and go to the countryside. Think of others.
Nearly all models put us around two weeks behind Italy – the worse affected country in Europe. Yesterday, 651 people died of Coronavirus there. On Saturday it was 793. These were people with families who were much loved and who died without those loved ones beside them.
If we do not change our ways now, this will be our country in the space it takes for most families to enjoy their summer holiday. Our NHS will not cope, more people will die.

Think of your family, think of your neighbours, think of others.