How to reduce your waste

Click below to find some helpful advice from Cllr Rob Humby, Hampshire County Council, on how to reduce waste whilst Recycling Centres are closed.

Hampshire Residents reminded not to gather in public places!

Hampshire county Council - Executive Member for Recreation and Heritage, Councillor Seán Woodward says. “We have been clearly asked not to gather in public places so we should not be seeing any large groups of people anywhere at this time.

Free Parking announcement for NHS workers during crisis

Flick reports, "I am very pleased about this announcement that NHS workers, care workers and NHS volunteers can have free parking. I have been very concerned to see key workers on the London tube in particular, so this should help.

Covid 19 - How the virus spreads

This incredibly interesting and useful video explains how Covid 19 spreads and the importance of all the measures that are now being put in place by our Government.


You must stay at home!

A very simple, yet vitally important message from the Prime Minister. Please listen, stay at home if you can to save lives!