Rishi Sunak's Plan for Jobs: Speech in Full

Our plan for jobs is about supporting people to find the jobs that are out there, creating new jobs through investing in our infrastructure and housing, and finally protecting jobs by revitalising the hard-hit sectors upon which many jobs depend.

Flick in the House of Commons - 8th July

Flick said, "Great to be in the House of Commons chamber this afternoon to listen to Rishi Sunak deliver his plan for jobs. This will be worth as much as £30 billion, which is on top of the £160 billion plan already in place to protect businesses and jobs during the pandemic.

Flick visits Clanfield

Great to see Flick visiting local shops in Clanfield on Saturday. She says, "Great to hear from businesses in Clanfield about how people have been shopping locally during the coronavirus crisis and how well supported they feel from the Government and local councils.

Flick Speaks in House of Commons - Hong Kong

Flick says, "I am pleased the Prime Minister has offered a pathway to British citizenship for Hong Kong residents who hold British National (Overseas) (BNO) passports and their dependents following China’s crackdown in the former colony.

Boris Johnson unveils a New Deal for Britain

The Prime Minister this morning set out our ‘New Deal’, an ambitious economic strategy to rebuild Britain across the UK, putting jobs, skills and infrastructure investment at the heart of our economic recovery post-coronavirus, and delivering on our manifesto pledges to level up the entire countr