District Councillors

Tony Denton

Tony Denton is the District Councillor for East Hampshire District Council Horndean Downs Ward.

Portfolio Assistant for Economic Development & Rural Affairs
Vice-Chairman of The Audit Committee
Member of The Licensing Committee

Cllr David Evans

East Hampshire District Council: Horndean Kings & Blendworth Ward

Portfolio Assistant - Planning,
Member of the Planning Committee, Overview & Scrutiny Committee, Standards committee, Development Policy Panel and Affordable Housing Delivery Panel.

Christopher Hatter

East Hampshire District Council: Horndean Kings & Blendworth

Member of The Council

Ken Moon

East Hampshire District Council: Clanfield Ward

Portfolio Holder for Economic Development and Rural Affairs.
Member of the Cabinet.

Arthur Agate

East Hampshire District Council:  Clanfield Ward

Reserve Member of the Development Policy and Affordable Housing Panel and Governance
Member of the Audit and Scrutiny Committee.

Cllr Malcolm Johnson

East Hampshire District Council: Rowlands Castle Ward

Chairman of The Standards Committee
Member of The Licensing, Overview & Scrutiny and Planning Committees