Flick Drummond

Conservative MP for Meon Valley

Flick Drummond was elected as the Meon Valley Constituency Member of Parliament in the General Election 2019.  She has lived locally for the last 33 years since her parents moved to Meonstoke.  She was a councillor in Winchester and was the MP for Portsmouth South between 2015-2017.  Flick’s husb

Ian Young


Ian Young is the current President of Meon Valley Conservative Association. 

Neil Lander-Brinkley

Association Chairman

Neil was elected as Association Chairman in 2020. Prior to this he was Vice-President and Association Chairman from 2015 - 2019 and Deputy Chairman (Political) prior to that.

Norma Bodtger

Deputy Chairman - Membership & Fundraising

Norma Bodtger is the Deputy Chairman (Membership & Fundraising).  She was elected in 2017

Mrs Anne Pearson

Deputy Chairman - Political

Anne Pearson is the Deputy Chairman Political.  She was elected in March 2017.

Mrs Glynnis Simcox

Honorary Treasurer

Glynnis Simcox is the Association Honorary Treasurer. She was elected in March 2017.

Ann Bailey

CWO Chairman

Ann Bailey is the Chairman of the Meon Valley Conservative Women's Organisation.

Tracey Anderson

Constituency Organiser

Tracey Anderson is the constituency organiser. She is responsible for association membership and for the administration of the association.

Cllr Mrs Marge Harvey

Hampshire County Councillor for Catherington Division

Vice-Chairman of The County Council, The Extraordinary County Council and the Special County Council.